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The Epitome
of Acoustics

Ultimate Broadband Absorbers


GrayVee Acoustics is a high-end specialized organization focused on manufacturing Acoustic treatment products and designing & installing highly accurate sound production and reproduction facilities

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GrayVee Acoustics

Each product that leaves our warehouse is a result of intense R&D, prototyping, and field testing over a course of multiple years.

And, each studio rendered is a work of art constructed with high precision exactly drawn from intricate design plans custom tailored by each millimeter!

Jaiditya JHA,


“Vipul Agarwal is a very knowledgeable acoustician. he designed my room very passionately and stuck to all deadlines. given that my new studio is in a room built in the 1960s, we ran into many....”

Pranay Ranjan,


It was an absolute pleasure to liaise with Vipul and the GrayVee team. I am a musician and music producer. I reached out for some work on acoustic treatment of my home studio, and was very pleasantly surprised that the team..."



“Indeed one of the best people out there to reach out for acoustic treatment. If you’re planning to get some acoustic treatment for your studio, then you know whom to contact! GrayVee Acoustics....”
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